The treatments

Your experience wouldn’t be complete without a range of holistic body therapies and treatments to help you rest, restore and relax. Each program includes  restorative massages, our signature and LEDs facials and body brushing. Guests are encouraged to have daily infrared saunas alongside their program. If you’re craving more, you can enhance your stay with our a la carte spa menu including facials, reflexology and more. 



Offering a complete range of therapeutic body treatments, the Artah spa menu includes a selection of massages, body scrubs and alternative treatments to compliment you program. Whether you are looking for a full detox, in the mood for relaxation, or are carrying tension in a specific part of your body, our highly-trained therapists can tailor the therapy to your needs. 


Signature 60 (60 mins)

A traditional deep tissue massage targeting deeply held patterns of tension while also increasing lymphatic drainage and blood flow. 

Signature 90 (90 mins)

Our signature 60 with a little more oomph. This treatment includes reflexology points on the feet to deepen relaxation and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Therapeutic 60 (60 mins)

Focused on deep relaxation and lymphatic stimulation, our therapeutic massage combines powerful stimulation of the body’s pressure points with stretching, drainage and compression techniques to increase circulation to vital organs and invigorate the tissue.  (60/90 mins)

Reflexology (30 mins)

Let your energy flow freely. Founded on the concept that the body is mapped onto the feet, hands and ears, our expert therapists will work specific pressure points to relieve and reset the corresponding organs. Eliminate toxins, blockages and stress, improve circulation and generate a fresh flow of energy, allowing your body space and time to heal itself. 



Our facial menu is designed to complement your programme to help enhance your results and ensure that you leave feeling radiant. We offer a variety of relaxing and effective facial treatments using a mixture of the latest technologies and holistic therapies. Our complete list of facials includes powerful cleansing and purifying facials, LED therapy, and a range of treatments from our skincare partner, Natura Bissé.


Signature Facial Detox  (60 mins) 

Our deeply nourishing, illuminating signature facial treatment with all the good stuff.  Targeted peels and botanical extracts are used to instantly improve skin texture and tone, followed by a hydrating mask and lifting facial massage to de puff and plump the skin. 

LED Facial Treatments (30 mins per facial)

Rejuvenating (Blue Light Therapy)

(Wavelengths of 405nm – 420nm) Anti-bacterial benefits of porphyrin (molecule which absorbs the light and releases free radicals which kill bacteria) & anti-inflammatory. Often used in combination with Red for wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

Calmer Skin (Near Light Therapy)

(Wavelengths of 570nm – 620nm) Known for being incredibly calming/therapeutic. Flushes waste toxins in skin and boots lymphatic flow. Increase cellular growth & treats redness and rosacea.