The ARTAH guide to staying home: Podcasts

Like everyone else, the ARTAH team are working from home. We have been playing around in the test kitchen, going for long walks (socially distanced of course), doing daily online workouts and having dance parties in our kitchen. Our biggest challenge? Creating space to step away from our computer/phone/TV screens. In this post we present some of our favourite podcasts on wide range of subjects from health and relationships to art and astrology, for some nourishing, informative, screen-free stimulation…once you’ve pressed play, that is.

The New One

Saturn Returns with Caggie Dunlop

An ARTAH original and close friend, Caggie recently released her new podcast, Saturn Returns, an honest and uplifting exploration of the challenges and opportunities we face in trying to come to terms with our most authentic, selves. Each episode offers a delightful – and incredibly relatable – series of ‘aha!’ moments, and presents refreshingly candid conversations with the likes of Elizabeth Day (author & journalist) and Shona Virtue (Famed fitness trainer & yoga instructor) on the good, the bad and the ugly on self awareness, relationships, failure and human connection.

Saturn Returns


The Entrepreneurial One

How I Built This with NPR & Guy Raz

Ever had a lightbulb moment and thought: “I should drop everything and pursue this” but then, for better or worse, decided against it? How I Built This may have you rethinking your decision. This podcast is an insight into some of the most successful companies in the world, the people who created them, and all of those lightbulb moments they didn’t ignore. From Lululemon, Wholefoods and Birchbox, to Stripe and Wikipedia, How I Built This is an audible feast for entrepreneurial spirits.

The Thought-Provoking One

Making Sense with Sam Harris

It’s no surprise Sam Harris has a die hard, and perhaps somewhat cult-like, fan base. A universally acclaimed neuroscientist, philosopher and best-selling author, Harris has spent over 20 years tackling controversial questions on humanity, society, politics and much, much more. He confronts perspectives on existentialism, racism, terrorism and psychedelics and makes us question how and why we think in the ways we do. It’s not always comfortable listening but it’s level-headed, provocative and absolutely fascinating.

The Inspiring One

The Moments That Made Me with Roxie Nafousi

Another one of our ARTAH originals, emotional health advisor and social media influencer, Roxie Nafousi, creates magic in her new podcast series: The Moments That Made Me. Every episode features a different (and incredibly impressive) guest, and focuses on the three life defining moments that led them to be where they are, and the person they are, all discussed with a no holds barred candour as well as uninhibited sense of optimism. Honest, heart-breaking at times, and incredibly eye-opening, we were hooked from the word ‘go’.

The Heart Warming One

Love Stories with Dolly Alderton

Romantics, rejoice! A journalist and author, (her hilarious and heartfelt memoir, Everything I Know About Love, is a Sunday Times best-seller) Alderton’s podcast is, as the title suggests, series of love stories from an amazing collection of actors, comedians, directors and musicians. Do not be fooled, it’s not 18 hours of “The Notebook” in podcast form; in each episode, Alderton sits down with her guest of honour to discuss his or her most defining relationships, from romantic partners, to business partners, siblings and dogs. Our favourite episode? Love Stories with Stanley Tucci.

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