Q&A with Jodhi Meares, founder of The Upside

Australian creative director and tastemaker Jodhi Meares founded THE UPSIDE in 2008. After a successful foray into resort wear with her first label Tigerlily, Jodhi set her sights on the then nascent athleisure category, seeking to bring a fashion feel to the athleisure space. Grounded by an authentic love of yoga, spirituality and our beautiful blue planet, THE UPSIDE layered the eclectic cool of Meares’ Bondi home with the electric energy of New York City and the free spirit of Oahu’s North Shore. Placing equal emphasis on both fashion and function, THE UPSIDE’s signature use of print brings colour, variety and cool to its performance-calibre pieces. Each season the label expresses the mood and trends of the moment via palette, motif and silhouette – all the while staying to its core values of peace, balance and integrity.

What inspired you to launch The Upside?

I was living between NYC and Hawaii, and practicing yoga between both places. I could see the wellness movement gathering pace and could foresee the activewear component of this ever growing space would become a knew way of dressing, I knew it would be an essential part of women’s wardrobes so I put a small but formidable team together and THE UPSIDE began her journey. We’ve come a long way since those initial intuitions.

What has been/is your biggest motivator?

Love has been/ is my biggest motivator- I always try to move from a space of love, in my work life and personal life.

What do you do to decompress?

Yoga, meditation, spend time with Mother Nature

How do you balance your work/home life?

When I’m at home I try to be fully in that moment and when I’m at work I try to be fully present to that experience too.

What are your favourite ways to sweat?

Yoga and paddle boarding

What is a supplement you absolutely can’t live without?

I love all the vitamin B’s

Do you have any morning rituals or routines to prep you for the day?

I like to move my body in the morning, yoga, long walk in nature, paddle board or jump in the ocean.

Where do you want to travel to the moment we are able to go?

ARTAH in Spain! I’d also love to travel to Prague and I can’t wait to explore Portugal

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Life is a series of moments, try to show up fully in all of them.


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