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Combine our Clean Slate programme with over 120 recipes from ARTAH At Home to keep you feeling healthy, inspired, and on track long after your cleanse.

Clean Slate: Feel lighter, more energetic, and in control – all in just 7 days. This plan combines powerful practices with health-full foods that together, deliver a total body reboot. CLEAN SLATE addresses 3 factors – how you eat, how you move, and how you recover. It also offers two different levels of intensity depending on your goals and/or your previous experiences with cleansing and intermittent fasting. The programme has been designed with a week-long meal guide and includes all recipes for both plant-based and omnivore options so that you can follow the plan that is most suited to your diet and still see the results you crave. Created to be simple, effective and delicious, CLEAN SLATE is perfect for anyone looking to reboot this summer. All it takes is 7 days.

ARTAH At Home – The Recipes: Perfect for anyone looking for inspiration in the kitchen, ARTAH At Home: The Recipes features over 120 nutrition-forward recipes designed by our founder, Rhian Stephenson and our retreat chefs. All recipes are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, but include meat and fish options to cater for both plant-based and omnivorous diets.

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Finally in control of my diet!

I am finally on top of my sugar cravings and now understand what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve seen nutritionists in the past but this is the only plan that has worked for my body. Thank you so much!

Loved it!

I really loved Clean Slate, really creative recipes and loved including the contrast showers and exercise – The dressings and sauces made it feel very chefy and fancy! I blocked out a week with no social engagements and when my husband was away with work so could selfishly follow it to the letter! I’m already looking forward to his next business trip so I can do it again.


This will forever change the way we eat. My husband has lost 4kg and I’ve lost 2kg. The food is amazing, we both feel better and have way more energy. We love it!