Frequently Asked Questions


The following FAQs are intended to give a flavour of the typical Grass Roots Nutrition Limited (t/a “Artah”) experience and help with decision making and manage your expectations before you place a deposit and commit to a trip with us. They do not represent a formal contract with Artah.

Upon placing a deposit for a trip with us, you are agreeing to our full terms and conditions therefore it is essential that you carefully read and fully understand them. This represents a formal agreement with Artah and will be relied upon to resolve any and all issues as they may arise. 


○     What - and who - is Artah ?

○     What is the plan for 2019?

○     Are all trips detox only?

○     What else is in the pipeline?


○     What does a typical week entail?

○     Who will be on the retreat?

○     What is the standard of the accommodation and the food?

○     Are there any off-site activities?

○     Is anyone welcome? 

○     Can you help with travel arrangements? 

○     What should I bring with me? 



○     Am I fit enough for a retreat?



○     Can I book a private retreat or create a bespoke itinerary?



○     How does payment work?

○     What is included in the reservation price? 

○     Does the price include staff gratuities?

○     Is the retreat guaranteed to run? 

○     What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

○     What happens if my trip is cancelled?



What - and who - is Artah?

Artah is a newly formed health retreat brand created by Rhian Stephenson ND. Our mission is to offer transformative retreat experiences, created to empower bodies through movement, mindfulness and food. Our method is grounded in our founding pillars, which integrate naturopathic principles, functional fitness and therapeutic nutrition to create effective programs that transform your state of health.

We passionately believe that the body can heal itself, if given the opportunity. With years of experience in the health, fitness and travel industries, amongst others, our founding team consists of Darius Alavi-Ellis (CEO), Olivia del Balzo(Director of Business Development), Rhian Stephenson (Founder) and Richard Butland (Chairman). We feel uniquely positioned to create a space for people to experience truly transformative health retreats in 2019 and beyond and couldn’t be more excited to share our ethos, our programmes and our new home, Can Terrades, with friends old and new. 

What is the plan for 2019?

Our first official season begins at the end of May, and we have a busy calendar of retreats scheduled in until the beginning of October. We offer two programmes at Can Terrades: the Signature Reset, as the name suggests, is our signature ‘active detox’ programme, and the Deep Dive is our more intensive programme, focused on full body transformation. 

What else is in the pipeline?

We have some exciting plans in development that will be announced soon - ranging from Project 365, a first wave of brand partners, limited edition products and our own exclusive properties. Watch this space…


What does a typical retreat entail?

All of our retreats combine hiking, yoga, nourishing plant-based nutrition and restorative treatments and run from Saturday to Saturday. There are additional workshops to choose from, as well as down-time in the afternoon for you to unwind and relax in the sun. 

The programme price is ‘all inclusive’ in the sense that there are no hidden costs once you arrive at Can Terrades. If you wish to have additional treatments outside of the programme we will charge you on-site. We also have an airport transfer service you can opt into for a small additional fee as well as a laundry service on select days. 

Who will I be on the retreat with?

As well as the core host team at Can Terrades, you will be surrounded by like minded individuals from around the world. A typical group make up is fourteen guests, meaning you will have enough time to get to know everyone and also have some space for yourself. An open mind and positive outlook are  expected, and a good sense of humour is always encouraged. 

What is the standard of the accommodation and restaurants?

We have spent a full year on the planning and renovation of our beautiful home, Can Terrades. With no detail spared, we guarantee a complete, luxury experience from the moment you arrive. 

Can Terrades is a beautiful 12 bedroom property nestled in a private 100 acre estate in the foothills north of Girona. Retaining many of its original features and newly renovated to the highest specification, this is the ideal escape. Based at the foot of the Mare de Deu del Mont, we are surrounded by a maze of incredible hiking routes for our daily dose of adventure. The property boasts sweeping mountain views, swimming pools, a yoga barn, gym and full spa. Speaking of which, the region’s finest food and drink is integral to the experience with our resident private chef presenting a variety of freshly prepared meals to enjoy al fresco in beautiful surroundings.

Is there time for additional activities?

Every retreat will include a cooking workshop and we will try to include evening activities throughout the season. You have approximately three hours of ‘down time’ every afternoon which you are free to  use to take a stroll and explore the surrounding area, or make use of the hotel facilities as you please. 

Is every activity mandatory?

Every element of our programmes is carefully designed, with each activity included to help you get the most out of your time with us at Can Terrades. That said, we understand that there might be one or two occasions when you don’t feel up to it, particularly if you are new to detoxing. Just speak to our host and we will see what we can do. 

Can you help with travel arrangements? 

We are not able to book flights but are very happy to advise on suitable airports, arrival times and so on. We offer an airport transfer service from and Barcelona’s El Prat. We will be in touch to coordinate arrival and departure transfers for the group as the trip start date approaches. If you have any special requests to help with a smooth arrival or departure then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

What should I bring with me? 

Comfortable, sweat-wicking gear for yoga, hiking and any additional workouts. Please bring a light, rainproof jacket and a couple of breathable sweaters as well as comfortable sneakers and hiking shoes. Hats, sunglasses and some high SPF sunscreen are important for the hike in particular, and of course, for your pool-time. Please bring bathing suits and light cover-ups or t-shirts and shorts for the afternoons. There is no dress code for evenings - we want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. 

Do I need to get travel insurance? 

Yes. It is a requirement of our booking terms and conditions that you have the appropriate level of travel insurance for your trip and we recommend that you arrange this at the moment in time when your retreat is confirmed to go ahead. Please review our full terms and conditions for more information. 



Am I fit enough for the retreat?

We are welcoming and supportive of all levels of fitness. That said, our hikes will definitely get your heart racing so it is important that you follow our pre-retreat guidelines to make sure you are in good shape before you arrive at Can Terrades. We hike all together, therefore the group sets the pace -  the fitter you are, the more quickly the group can move. Our hikes are a really great opportunity to get to know the other people on the retreat, and we actively encourage a supportive environment and discourage overtaking or racing up or down the mountain. There are no prizes for getting to the top or bottom first. We will never leave anyone behind and will always offer words of encouragement, and a cheerful guide to hike by your side if you need it!




Can I book a private trip or create a bespoke itinerary?

Yes, you can book any of the regular calendar retreats for a private group on dates that work for you. Alternatively, we can work with you to build your own unique retreat from scratch. If you simply want to spend more time unwinding by extending your time at Can Terrades trip then we can arrange a bolt-on week at specific times of the year - please email team@artah.coor get in touch on our contact page to arrange. 


Please note:

  • Programme and pricing are available upon request

  • We typically ask for a minimum group size of 8

  • Dates and destinations are subject to sufficient time and team member availability

  • After initial contact is made we typically ask for a call to discuss your requirements and plan together from there

  • We will then send a formal proposal for approval and request that a deposit is placed before developing your private retreat further. 


How does payment work?

We ask all customers to pay a 30% deposit to confirm their place on their chosen trip. 

To request a reservation you will be required to submit a secure form including your contact information and credit card details. Submitting your personal information will be acknowledged as an agreement to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. 

We require a 30% deposit with your reservation, corresponding to your accommodation and programme. Your credit card will only charged once your reservation has been reviewed and accepted. The full cost of the programme will be taken 60 days prior to your start date unless you have elected for a staggered payment scheme. 

If on the staggered payment scheme, your card will be direct debited an initial 30% for the deposit, and then the remainder of the total sum of your reservation will be debited on a monthly basis for 6 months, until the payment is complete. 

All payment must be made via our secure payment partner WeTravel. If you are having trouble with the required steps please get in touch and we will happily support you through the process. On some occasions we will facilitate direct payment via bank transfer but generally we will prefer to keep the process within WeTravel where possible.

NB: All additional treatments, workshops or products that you require onsite will be charged to your card at the end of your programme. Upon check-in, you will be asked for your credit card number to guarantee the payment of all the services, treatments or products that you require before and/or during your stay at Can Terrades.

After making your reservation, you will be required to complete a personal profile form detailing any medical history, allergies or intolerances. This information will contribute to our assessment of whether you are able to take on the program you have requested, and will enable us to tailor your nutrition plan and fitness programme appropriately. We do not share this information with any third party, other than with our on-site contractors and third party service providers.

Accepted forms of payment are: bank transfer to the account provided by Artah and authorised credit card. Card payments will be made in the guest’s own national currency unless expressly indicated otherwise, in which case payment will be charged in euros.

Upon your reservation you warrant to Artah that your provided form of payment is valid and that you are authorised to use it. If we are unable to authorise your payment method or it is declined we may suspend or cancel your reservation. Upon failure of your Payment Method, we will contact you to provide an alternate method. Artah is not responsible for any fees you may incur when charging or retrying your Payment Method, including but not limited to, overdraft fees.

You agree to update your account information with any changes to the details of your selected payment method including, but not limited, to credit card number, billing address or verification codes. Artah may use any updated credit card information submitted by your credit card company directly to us. If you dispute any charges, you must inform us within 30 days of making your reservation.Please see our full terms and conditions for more information on WeTravel, exchange rates and currencies. 

What is included in the trip price? 

 In short, everything from the moment you arrive at Can Terrades. There are no hidden costs, though we will ask you to pay for any additional treatments or extras, taking into account the following:

  • Welcome Pack

  • Body Brush, Alkaline Powder, Epsom Salts, Daily Supplements and Energy Tonic

  • Food

  • 7 Day Vitality Menu

  • Activities
    Daily hike, Daily yoga, Cooking Demo

  • Therapies

  • Initial and Exit Health Check, 2 x Signature Detox Massage, 1 x Deep Tissue Massage , 1 x Reflexology , Daily LED Facial , Infrared Sauna, Spa and Gym Facilities , Restorative Herbs and Supplements.

Please note:

  • Travel insurance is not included but appropriate cover is mandatory for all guests

  • Flights and on-trip staff gratuities are not included


Does the price include staff gratuities?

Gratuities for your team of guides are not included in the price of your trip. It is industry standard practice to tip 5-10% of your trip price to be divided evenly by your guide team and whilst very much appreciated is not expected or mandatory. Please tip your guides at your discretion based on their level of professionalism and support and most importantly what you are comfortable with. 

Is my retreat guaranteed to run? 

As soon as we are sure your trip is going ahead we will notify you to say that your trip is confirmed. On the rare occasion that we need to cancel a retreat, we will provide you with as much notice as possible and a £200 voucher to use on any future Artah trip. You will also be entitled to book any other trip with us, or receive a refund in full. However, we will not be liable for any flight or insurance costs you have incurred (this is why we recommend you delay booking flights and arranging insurance until your trip is confirmed).

Cancellation Policy and Changes to your reservation:

Should you wish to cancel your booking for any reason, you must give us notice of this by emailing us at Once we receive your cancellation notice we will follow up with an email confirming your cancellation. Your cancellation will take effect from the date that you receive our email confirming your cancellation. In the event that you cancel your trip, the following cancellation charges will apply (the charges are expressed as a percentage of your total trip price):

In case of cancellation of your reservation within the 40-day period prior to your visit, if your reservation cannot be filled within this time period, your reservation is non-refundable. If we are able to fill your space, we will credit you for a future programme pending availability. 

If your reservation is cancelled outside of the 40 days, your deposit is refundable less 10%, or you can choose to start your programme at a later date, subject to availability. 

Any charges made will not be refunded if you cancel within 40 days of your scheduled arrival date. You will be charged in full for your reservation, even if you do not show at all, are late in your arrival or early in your departure.

Reimbursements will be made via bank transfer unless solely a deposit, which will, if appropriate, be made via credit card.

Deposit and cancellation terms are strictly applied and enforced.