Designed for those looking for a more rigorous transformation, our Deep Dive is an intensive program that focuses on detoxification and is perfect for those wanting to reset digestion, lose unwanted pounds, and tackle more persistent health complaints.


The Fitness

Less sweat and more restoration, Deep Dive combines twice daily yoga sessions with shorter hikes to stimulate your metabolism, promote lymphatic drainage and release stored tension.


the Food

Nutrition during the deep dive is carefully planned to restore digestion and utilize the principles of intermittent fasting to help restore balance in your body. Days 1-2 focus on light but flavourful cuisine to prepare your body for IF.

On days 3 -5, guests explore the benefits of Intermittent Fasting by enjoying breakfast and lunch as normal, and substituting a broth course for dinner to deepen your body’s physical transformation, boost digestion and repair cellular damage. Days 6-7 will bring you back to balance with our full restorative menu and you will be sent home with guidelines for how to continue a healthy IF regime at home.

During your stay, we offer a cooking demonstration to help you learn some of the basic principles of functional nutrition from our Revive menu so you can incorporate some of the detox principles at home.


The Treatments

Deep Dive includes the full range of therapies and treatments from our signature detox, with an added massage and optional colon hydrotherapy to help you get the best out of your transformation.

Included in each retreat:

2 x signature detox massage, 1 x deep tissue massage, 1 x cupping treatment, daily LED facials, body brushing, optional colon hydrotherapy. Guests are encouraged to have daily infrared saunas alongside their regular program.

If you’re craving more, you can enhance your stay with our a la carte spa menu.



The Package

Welcome Pack
Body Brush, Alkaline Powder,Epsom Salts, Daily
Supplements and Energy Tonic

7 Days, 6 Nights

7 Day Vitality Menu

Daily hike, Daily yoga, Cooking Demo

Initial and Exit Health Check 
2 x Signature Detox Massage 
1 x Deep Tissue Massage 
1 x Cupping Therapy 
Daily LED Facial 
Infrared Sauna, Spa and Gym Facilities 
Restorative Herbs and Supplements 
Colon Hydrotherapy

The Schedule

7:00am Wake up, Morning Ritual

7:30am Vinyasa yoga

9:00am Breakfast

10:00am-12:00pm Hike

12:30 Lunch

1:30pmTreatments, Sauna, Relaxation, Nap, Pool Time

5:00pm Restorative Yoga

6:30pm Dinner