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Make a houmous as delicious and smooth as a restaurant version – it’s totally versatile and an ideal base or accompaniment for so many dishes. Houmous is a staple in the ARTAH kitchen – it’s packed with plant protein and calcium from the chickpeas and tahini and the good fats in olive oil make the nutrients more accessible during digestion. To summarise? It’s as healthy as it is delicious.


We find the best chickpeas to use for a really smooth result are the jarred ‘Garbanzo’ style chickpeas that you can now quite easily get a hold of. You can of course use tinned or dried chickpeas here as well, leaving dried chickpeas to soak overnight.

The real game changer for a good houmous lies with the tahini used. We find the best commercially available tahini is by Belazu, which is so delicious in its own right it could be eaten off the spoon! You can also often find really great and well priced authentic tahini in middle eastern corner shops.

This recipe makes one small 1.5-2 litre tub and will last about 5 days sealed in the fridge. It is always good to put a layer of olive oil on the top to keep the houmous extra fresh. This recipe is also a great base for hosting additions – try adding in a small steamed sweet potato or a half a pack of vac pac beets in for a different flavour and a pop of colour. A swipe of Rose Harissa and a few whole chickpeas sprinkled on top with a glug of olive oil and some fresh thyme leaves can also really elevate the presentation of the dish.


660g (450g drain weight) Jar of chickpeas (reserving chickpea water – aquafaba)

1/2 bulb of roasted garlic

1 lemon, juiced (great to zest the lemon + keep to use to liven up both sweet + savoury dishes)

3 tablespoons tahini

150ml olive oil (preferable extra virgin)

Sea salt to taste (typically 1 +1/2 teaspoons)


  • Next time the oven is on you can add in a whole head of garlic, keeping it intact – skins and all – with a little splash of olive oil to prevent any burning. This can be done low and slow or high and quick until the garlic is soft. Would be around 5 minutes if done at 220 C or around 15 minutes if done at the classic 180 C. Leave to cool for a few minutes and then the cloves can be satisfyingly squeezed out! Garlic roasted like this is also a great addition to add complexity to sauces and soups or even just slathered on toast.

  • Drain the jar of chickpeas reserving the liquid to add back in. Place the chickpeas in a food processor with the roasted garlic you have squeezed out + pulse (this can easily also be done with a stick blender/standing blender/nutribullet in absence of a food processor.) Add in half of the chickpea water reserved from the jar to help the ingredients blend together.

  • Now drip in the olive oil to make an emulsion.

  • In whichever order add in your tahini and lemon juice. Now that you have added in all your ingredients you can add more of the chickpea water or plain water if necessary to slacken the houmous to your desired consistency.

  • Houmous will normally take a surprising amount of salt, but always do this to taste so that you can control the flavour. Best to do this at the end as well, as salt can be left out entirely – this would then make a great snack for weaning toddlers and children.

artah homemade houmous

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